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Our mission

To bring people together to inspire and invest in humanity

Through our booking fees we fund education projects for the world's most disadvantaged children to close the global education gap.

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Everyone makes an impact

You can feel great knowing that by hosting events on Humanitix you are directly contributing to funding a brighter future for disadvantaged kids around the world. All you have to do is keep hosting your amazing events, simple!

1. Switch your events to Humanitix

Hosting your next event on Humanitix is simple and enjoy features you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Sell tickets to your event

Selling tickets to an event has never been easier. Humanitix makes event management easy.

3. Turn booking fees into booking feels

That’s right, 100% of profits from booking fees go to funding brighter futures.

4. Feel great about making a difference

Host, attendees, community. Everyone involved is impacting humanity for good.

Our partners

Thanks to our partners who are changing the world for the better

We partner with high-impact, evidence-backed charities that help disadvantaged children all over the world get access to education, healthcare and greater opportunity for a fair-go in life.

Meet our partners
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How do we choose our partners?

Humanitix is a registered charity itself. It's important that our impact partner's mission and values align with Humanitix.

Humanitix is funded and supported by the Atlassian Foundation, a major global foundation with world class expertise for evaluating education charities. We partner with The Atlassian Foundation research team to choose our impact partners to ensure we create measurable and positive impact on the issues that matter to us. This vetting process allows us to fund partners who have a proven track record of delivering high impact initiatives for humanity. If you're interested in joining our panel of partners you will have to independently create a relationship with the Atlassian Foundation before becoming an option for our panel.

Whilst the education programs we fund are vetted by the Atlassian Foundation, every not-for-profit in the world can directly benefit from Humanitix as we donate the profits from their specific events back to them by giving them access to our platform at our sustainable cost-price.


Everyone deserves a seat

Over a billion people worldwide experience some form of disability. For so many of them, this has meant exclusion from events and difficulty participating in the gatherings that underpin our communities and culture.

Our core purpose includes improving community participation and social inclusion for everyone. We're striving to create a platform that raises the bar and sets a new standard for welcoming, accessible events.

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Knowbility partners with Humanitix

They had us at 'accessible'

"We especially continued to search for the most accessible tools options we could find. Eureka! -we found Humanitix, the most accessible ticket sales and registration system we've ever seen and one that integrated an accessibility commitment from the start."

Read on to see how Knowbility rates our accessibility tools and why they made the switch.

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Accessible festival
Thank you to our partners who are changing the world for the better. Their stories move us to continue creating a positive impact on the world. Meet Sreyleab and Sreynea from Cambodia.
To see our impact in the world, you can view our latest impact report here.